Sapphire Bag


The Sapphire Bag is the ideal bag-backpack to bring your games in conventions, fairs, game nights… or even just to stock your games!

Dimensions: 32x32x53 cm approx.
Dimensions front pocket: 27,5x35x2,5 cm approx.

It can contains up to 7 regular square boxed games (30x30x7 cm). It can be opened full on front in order to get and put games with easy.

You can find other bags around the web with similar shapes… So… Why do you have to choose our Sapphire Bag?

Four reasons to do it:
1- Stronger steams: We made all seams stronger in order to hold more weight. Regular bags holds 5-6 kgs, our Sapphire Bag holds 11-12 Kgs.
2- Extra Padding: It has more padding then regular bags with the same shape (1,5 cm against 1 cm).
3- Comfortable Shoulder Straps: Shoulder straps have more paddings to protect your shoulders.
4- Comfortable Handle: The handle on top is padded. In regular bags, it’s not padded or in plastic: a pain for your hand.

We worked on Sapphire Bag to bring you the best boardgame bag at the lowest price possible and we can say… We did it!

Sapphire is a Red Glove brand. Red Glove is more than 10 years on board game market and we’re proud to say that we look for quality items at very good prices. If you want to preorder the bag, we will be happy and you’ll be able to get it at our booth in hall 1-C136. Otherwise, if you want to touch it by your own hands, you can still find us there and you’ll be able to check quality in person.